Brief History

Community Outreach was started in 1984 in the basement of a local church. Initially, the focus was to feed the hungry. Quickly, the volunteers became aware of the wide range of human/social needs not only in Nevada, but also throughout the county. The range of those needs was from survival needs through educational and self-sufficiency needs to employment and employability. To help eliminate feelings of alienation, isolation, low self-esteem and despair. These early findings still lead us in our planning of programs today.


Community Outreach was organized for the purpose of meeting the needs of economically disenfranchised, homeless families, and/or elderly persons of Vernon County, Missouri.


We are a Moss Trust & United Way participating agency and receive additional donations from our community. We operate because our community cares for the hurting in Vernon County. If you would like to help in any way, please give us a call.