Volunteer Information

Volunteering is a special ministry. Whatever need is addressed and whatever the means to fill it, volunteers and their missions are unique as they are numerous. Volunteers know that reaching out and helping others is its own reward, but it is also nice to know that the good works are acknowledged and appreciated by others.

Listed below are our regular volunteers at Community Outreach

   Amy Walles
   Anne Bunton
   Becky Chandler
   Bob Ebert
   Dolores Hurst
   Donna Lenharth
   Dyke Kiel
   Ed Fletchall
   Gerry Janes
   Jack Roberts
   Joan Spicer
   John Schreiner
   Kindra Smith
   Laura Hicks
   Lielani Bobbett
   Lora Johnson
   Ron Chandler
   Ruth Allen
   Ruthanne Sirkel
   Scott Lenharth
   Shay Cassidy
   Val LeDuc

Thank you volunteers for your hard work and dedication of serving others. You are always there with helpful suggestions that make our many projects run so smoothly. You all are very much appreciated.

If anyone would like to volunteer, please contact our office by phone (417) 667-4339, in person at 229 N. Cedar, or by Email.